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Company Orders

Company Orders

Prestigious Christmas Turkeys as Customer/Staff Gifts … Tax Free!

As the festive season approaches we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase the ideal Christmas gift for your staff and customers. We are a long established local producer of Traditional Farm Fresh Birds which are free range, GM free and couldn’t be a better thank you to loyal customers and staff. 

The benefits to you …… turkeys are a legitimate expense gift therefore they are totally tax deductible, you are ensured a luxury bird with superior eating quality and of course … delighted staff! 

We ensure the birds are oven ready, wrapped loosely in greaseproof paper and supplied in a quality carry home box. Tucked inside is our Christmas booklet containing cooking tips, recipes and place cards for the Christmas table. The only concern you will have is how many to order! 

Corporate orders are discounted from our retail prices and further reductions are available dependant on the number ordered.