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Butchers and Wholesale

Butchers and Wholesale

We are an established, independent farm, experienced in rearing Turkeys, Geese, Ducks and Cockerels, all that is required for your customers at Christmas. 

We supply butchers, farm shops and restaurants, as well as companies who want to give their staff that extra special Christmas bonus, and we are very proud of the relationship we have established with our customers over the years. 

We believe it is our job to make your Christmas rush that little bit easier…how do we do that?

  • All birds come oven-ready, boxed, weighed and priced which saves you labour costs and time
  • You are ensured that the birds will meet or exceed required standards
  • Delivered to your door on a pre-arranged date.
  • ..with orders organised into weight ranges
  • We guarantee delivery of your required weights by rearing birds of all weight strains
  • We use a bespoke computer system which reserves birds once the orders have been accepted
  • Speciality point of sale material for use in shop
  • We supply easy to use order forms for you to complete and return by email or fax

If you would like us to become one of your suppliers or would like further information please send your request through the contact us page or call us 01926 843460.  

Our full Terms and Conditions are available for you to download.