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Heart of England Farms - Ordering for Farm Collection

Order for Farm Collection

With Christmas 2023 over we now have the last few remaining birds frozen and available all year round.  Please see weight availability and prices below.  You may order using our usual order form or give us a call!   Collection to suit you, please indicate your preference on the order form or when we speak with you.

All our birds come oven-ready, with relevant cooking instructions, a cooking thermometer (KellyBronze only) and a sturdy carry-home box.  Although there is no 'order deadline' certain weights will soon sell out so if you are quite specific as to the size you require please order as early as you are able.  Guides as to the size needed for your number of guests will appear on our order form page, however these are a guide only.  Please consider your individual guests and your knowledge of their appetites!

If you have any specific requests or questions do not hesitate to call the office on 01926 843460 where we will be delighted to speak with you.

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Freshly Frozen KellyBronze Turkeys
Frozen Whole Birds             
4kg £70.00                     
5kg Sold Out                     
6kg £90.00           
7kg £100.00
9kg £120.00     
10kg £130.00      
11kg £140.00

Frozen Crowns     

3kg Sold Out
4kg £80.00
5kg Sold Out
6kg Sold Out

Our KellyBronze turkeys are the 'Rolls Royce' of the turkey world.  A traditional slow-growing strain which we allow to grow to maturity and therefore to the peak of perfection! They are over twice the age of a standard intensive turkey and it is this maturity which is the main contributory factor to the amazing flavour. Living free range from mid-summer our KellyBronze turkeys live a 'wild' life, foraging for apples and berries and with a particular taste for nettles!  Being fed on a natural diet of corn and soya and with plenty of daily exercise our birds are truly happy birds! All processing takes place on the farm to ensure they are not stressed at any time. In time-honoured tradition our birds are dry plucked, game hung and dry aged for at least 7 (seven) days; these processes result in tender meat.

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breast and thigh
Freshly Frozen Breast Joints and 'Leg Packs'
Frozen Bronze Breast Joint 

1kg - Sold Out
2kg - £50.00

Turkey Leg Pack (2 per pack/approx 1kg per leg) - £10.00 ea
(Turkey legs could be white or bronze)

Leg packs can not be ordered as a stand alone item, only with a whole bird or crown.

Our boneless Free-Range Bronze turkey breast joint makes a delicious alternative to a whole bird and is perfect for those who prefer the white meat.  Also a great accompaniment to our geese, cockerels or ducks if you are entertaining a slightly larger group (or have hungry guests!). We recommend 250g per person however it is guaranteed any leftovers will rapidly disappear in a Boxing Day cold cuts spread or even the Christmas night obligatory turkey sandwich!  NB. A Breast Joint can look 'underwhelming' when received, please note they are purely the breast of the bird and therefore are not of considerable size.  This can cause worry for you at a busy time.  We would not recommend a 1kg joint for family Christmas lunch of 4 or more people if you were looking for that 'wow factor' table centrepiece on Christmas Day. 

For those who love the ‘brown’ meat and wish a turkey could have more than two legs we have the option to purchase additional legs/thighs.  Again, they are a perfect accompaniment to our other birds or just to supplement the quantity of brown meat over Christmas.  Suitable for home freezing they can provide a great midweek meal either roasted or used in a curry.  The options are endless.

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Woodlands Cockerels
Freshly Frozen Christmas Cockerels (Capons)
2kgSold Out
4kg Sold Out

5kg £45.00
6kg Sold Out
7kg Sold Out

Demi Cockerel

2kg £15.00

Our free range Christmas Cockerels, known as Capons in mainland Europe, are super succulent and suitable to feed large parties.    A cockerel makes the perfect alternative to the traditional turkey. We allow them to grow slowly, at a pace that is more natural to them.  With a life span of 130 days compared to the average supermarket chicken, which is reared to 38 days, they are grown to maturity resulting in super large sizes and fabulous moist meat.   Slow rearing allows the birds to lay down fat, adding to the flavour and succulence when cooking, and when ready to eat, has a concentrated flavour that tastes as chicken should taste. Reared in free range with access to shelter, they have extensive space and room to roam.  They are fed on a natural cereal based diet with no artificial additives or growth stimulants being added to their feed.  Our Christmas Cockerels are hand-plucked and dry aged in a temperature controlled environment. When is a Capon not a Capon?  Caponisation is illegal in the UK but still widely practiced in mainland Europe.  Essentially it is a process which can be physical or with hormones, which neuters the cockerel allowing the bird to become plump for the table.  We do not caponise our Cockerels.  Our rearing method, along with the naturally waning day length during their rearing, means that this practice is totally unnecessary.

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Free Range Geese
3kg Sold OUt
4kg Sold Out
5kg Sold Out
6kg Sold Out
7kg Sold Out

Hatching in early spring our geese spend their life in free range once they have been hardened off.  We move them from field to field to ensure a bountiful supply of fresh grass shoots and supplement their insatiable appetite with local wheat and home grown maize (corn on the cob).  Their noisy chatter and male squabbling becomes a background melody to every day life on the farm and a sure sign that Christmas is coming. As the traditional choice for the Christmas table geese are the only seasonal birds available today and are the cornerstone of the traditional Christmas dinner.  Your goose will come in a sturdy carry home box with full cooking instructions and its giblets wrapped separately.  The fat produced during cooking is renowned for producing the best roast potatoes and any surplus can be frozen for use during the year. We are often asked 'What size goose should I get for ... people?'  Always a difficult question to answer as we all eat different quantities.  However, we offer a guide but please consider your individual guests and your knowledge of their appetites!

White Turkeys
Freshly Frozen Traditional White Turkeys
3kg £35.00
4kg £45.00
5kg £55.00
6kg £65.00
7kg £70.00
8kg £80.00
9kg £85.00
10kg £90.00
11kg £95.00

Freshly Frozen White Crown

4kg - £50.00

Reared and produced with the greatest care we produce these turkeys to the highest welfare standards.  They are fed on a cereal-based diet, housed in buildings with plenty of space, ventilation and light and bedded on comfortable straw.  Although called 'Barn Reared' we allow our white turkeys room to wander from within the stables to outside space.  This provides interest for them during daylight hours with extra space to move around of their own free will. Even a heavy rain shower doesn't send them running back for cover!!

Freshly Frozen Festive Large Ducks
2kg Sold Out
3kg £43.00
4kg Sold Out 

Our Peking ducks grow slowly to reach enormous weights for the festive table.  Highly acclaimed by those who look to cook something different, and saving the fat will transform your roast potatoes!

Crispy Duck
Crispy Duck Celebration Box
Sold Out for 2023

Treat yourself to our 'new' Crispy Duck Celebration box.  All you need to re-create the classic and delicious Crispy Duck Pancakes in your own home.  So easy to do but with that real 'wow' factor. Full cooking instructions will be provided with your order.
Contents: 1 x 3-4kg Heart of England Farms Duck, 1 x sachet of duck seasoning, 1 x jar of Hoisin sauce, 4 x packets (6 per packet) of pancakes.
All you need to complete this meal are some fresh spring onions and cucumber.

Pork Pie
Melton Mowbray Pork Pies
1lb Pork Pie - £6.00 Sold  Out
1lb Festive Pie - £7.00 Sold Out

Genuine Melton Mowbray Pork Pies.  

Made in Stamford by Nelson's Butchers (founder members of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association), these fabulous pork pies are hand raised from rich hot water pastry filled with the finest cuts of coarsely chopped free range pork, seasoned with salt and pepper, and crisply baked.

Nelson's Festive Pie is made with their beautiful rich hot water pastry and filled with turkey, ham and cranberries.

Allergen Information: Gluten and egg.

21 Sep 2017
Pork Sausages and Pork Sausage Meat
Supplied by R N D Walker of Moreton in Marsh
£6.00 - Pack of sausage meat 500g/pack SOLD Out
£2.75 - Pack of 6 sausages Sold Out
All produced in house by Robbie using free range Blythburgh pork meat.

Allergen Information: Milk, Wheat, Sulphite