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Heart of England Farms - About Us

About Heart of England Farms

About Heart of England Farms
Ever since the day we started business in 1983, Heart of England Farms in Warwickshire have been rearing Christmas Turkeys in the way people want – by traditional methods. We believe that the best food is local. Our customers can be assured with confidence of a supreme flavoured Christmas bird, produced to the highest of standards of food safety and animal welfare. 

Christmas 2016 brought us a monster goose!!  Weighing in at 9.5kg 'he' was an absolute whopper.  Fortunately the customer who always requests 'the largest goose possible please' was delighted with the 'big bird'!  Not sure how we can top this for him next year!

Have you seen your bird!!! Our flocks of turkeys and geese may be viewed in Warwickshire as you drive on the A4189 road between Henley in Arden and Warwick.