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Traditional Farm Reared Christmas Dinners

At Heart of England Farms we take great pride in producing good, wholesome poultry, the old fashioned way. We supply Free Range KellyBronze Turkeys, Traditional White Turkeys, Free Range Geese, Ducks and Free Range 'Giant' Christmas Cockerels (Capons), all of which are specially bred for the Christmas market.
Grown to maturity using slow growing breeds all our birds are hand plucked, 'game hung' and dry aged - all important contributing factors for high quality, superior tasting meat.
Our beautiful birds are for everyone!  
For local Warwickshire residents we are open for collection from the farm on 23rd and 24th December - simply place your order following the 'Farm Collection' link below.  For those who live too far away but wish to indulge in the best Christmas dinner ever then we offer a 'Home Delivery' option.  Follow the 'Order for Home Delivery' below, place your order and we will deliver to you using a national courier.